The setup of the SwissWize Data Suite MX is always a full setup. If you do not want to make all configurations again you can save time by following these steps:

  1. Backup CustomerConfig.xml from “<InstallDir>\Config” folder
  2. Remember the user account of your services
  3. Run “Uninstall SwissWize Data Suite MX” from your Taskbar
  4. Start the new setup file
    1. Define a Database connection with a “placeholder” configuration (not needed further on)
    2. Enter correct user and password for services
    3. Finally, do NOT launch the cockpit!
  5. Stop the services (Inspector and WorkflowManager)
  6. Replace the new CustomerConfig.xml with your backup you created in step 1
  7. Start the services
  8. Start the Cockpit and you will see your previously data again

If you don’t see the data you’ve seen before the update please contact our support at

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