The message banner informs the cockpit user about important system events that might prevent the farm from working properly. Such events might be the status of services (Inspector and Workflow Manager), licensing issues, or that SMPT Settings are not configured and the service of the Workflow Manager is not able to send the alerts e-mail.

Messages can be confirmed or ignored. Confirming a certain message means that it will not be shown anymore in the current cockpit session. Ignoring a certain message will remove it from the banner for now but might be shown later again in case the event prevails.

Services Checker

The message banner checks if the inspector and the workflow manager services are alive. If the inspector or workflow manager does not update their status within five minutes, it’s assumed that the service is not working properly and a message in the banner is displayed. If all inspectors are not working the message “There is no inspector online” is shown. If the workflow manager is not working the message “The workflow manager is not available” is shown.

License Checker

If you use a trial version the message banner will inform you that your version is a trial version every time you start the cockpit. If you use a version with limited items, the message banner will show you a warning that the sum of your crawled items has reached the limit of the license.

In case you have a time-limited license the banner will inform you 10 days prior to expiry date.

SMTP Settings Checker

If the workflow manager is installed the message banner will check if the server name and server name address have been configured. If the server name or the server name address are missing this message “The workflow manager is not configured correctly with an SMTP server” is shown.

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